Can’t LIVE Without- A Little Something Something That Smells Heavenly

This week’s Cant’t LIVE Without List is a list of five fragrances that I think smell simply divine. Whether you want something that’s fun and flirty, light and airy, rolls the camera for your inner drama queen, or has you feeling sexy, there is a scent for you.

  1. L’EAU DU Trente-Quarte (34)- I picked this one up from the Diptyque boutique on Maiden Lane in San Francisco. It’s feminine with a little hint of seduction. I wear it when I miss the west coast….and am looking for someone to go back there with. Wink wink.

L'Eau du Trente-Quatre
2. Baby Rose- This is an Ahyana Jenise  original.  In my travels to Cape May, New Jersey I went to a lovely boutique where I got to make my own fragrance. Baby Rose is a light airy scent with a hint of rose and a hint of all things baby ( minus dirty diapers and burped up formula).  I wear it when I’m  needing to feel like blank canvas, void of all the busyness of my world.
3. Woman in Yellow- Is a great scent by Anthropologie and  is a long time favorite. I gifted it to myself one year for my birthday and I’ve been buying it ever since.  It’s a definite go to scent for me, one that I wear most days. Adds a little sunshine to my life. 

4.   Chance  I heart Chanel. And while I like her classic No.5, you won’t be upset if you give this fragrance a chance.  I wear it when I want to add a little luxury  to my life.

5.      Very Hollywood- I was in New York City when visiting the Michael Kors store and smelled this fragrance. It was instant love. Only…they only had the tester fragrances. I came home and went straight to Macy’s and got a bottle. This is my feeling Hollywood aka extra confident with a dash of drama go to fragrance.

What scent can’t you LIVE without? I’d love to hear from you! xxoo

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