The Weekend- Gather

It’s the weekend and here at the Simply LIVEd Life there’s a challenge- pick one verb to intentionally engage in during the weekend.  That’s right, pick one verb and do it. If you’re gonna be a LIVEr, you got to be a doer.

My verb this weekend- Gather.
Photo Courtesy of Arthur Elgort

This weekend I am looking forward to gathering with my friend Carly of Woman Centered,  a platform for progressive, woman-centered thought leadership that cultivates personal development and social action. Carly and I go way back to 2006 when we both worked for a non profit AIDS service organization from the city of brotherly love. She’s a jersey girl, gone New York, turned Philadelphian. She’s definitely a LIVEr. You can see what she’s up to here. Instead of Sunday brunch, we’re meeting for Saturday brunch at her place. Guess who’s excited???? Me!

And then there’ are my younger brothers Allen and Matthew. Allen ad I are headed to se the film Now You See Me. So looking forward to seeing this film. And then Matty and I are so headed to Mango’s, a frozen yogurt place in my hood. Such a fantastic variety of flavors and toppings. Yum! Plus I get excited when I get to introduce people to places with good eats and this is definitely one of those places.

Photo Courtesy of Allen King Jr. (my dad), Circa July 1994.  That’s me and my siblings, gathered.

I’m the one to the far right, Matthew is the baby, and Allen is rocking the Mickey Mouse shirt.

And there’s gathering with the folks at my church. Granted I do this most weekends, usually Saturday evenings. I like to think our gatherings are a great combination of traditional church gathering elements (singing, praying, scripture reading)s and then some very non traditional elements. I mean last week we actually talked about the realities of sex trafficking internationally and very practical ways each of us can help in order to address this issue.  And by talked, I mean people who live in Malaysia and have been living there for the past three years working with children who have been trafficked or are being trafficked, talked with us gatherers. And the conversation wasn’t G rated. It wasn’t watered down, it was real. And…we totally talked about this while snacking on fresh fruit and a variety of cheeses.

Photo courtesy of Basil Koufos- Fashion Show protesting human trafficking 

So who are you gathering with this weekend?
Gathering at your place, their place, or a new place nearby?
Happy Weekending! xxoo

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