The Weekend- Support

It’s the weekend and here at the Simply LIVEd Life there’s a challenge- pick one verb to intentionally engage in during the weekend.  That’s right, pick one verb and do it. If you’re gonna be a LIVEr, you got to be a DOer.

My verb this weekend- Support.
There is a special place in my heart for small businesses. It’s somewhere between cupcakes and California. So, this weekend I am all about supporting small businesses.

Photo Courtesy of L’Oreal Paris
First up is a photo shoot with Rachel Troche. I’m long overdue for updated headshots and I love that she is coming to my place. It totally wipes out my fear of my hair going crazy en route to her studio, especially with all of this rain! Plus, a few of my close girlfriends are coming over for the shoot and a little post shoot socializing.

Photo courtesy of Local Home + Gift

Then there’s birthday gift shopping.  For that I am confidently headed to Local Home + Gifts. I’ve met with success again and again when wanting to buy a gift for the person who seems to have everything…everything except for whatever cool gift I score at this boutique   Plus the shop owner, Monica, is definitely a down to earth savvy business woman.
Photo courtesy of Terry Richardson for Vogue Japan June 2012
And finally, there’s Sassy Girl. It’s a lovely consignment shop, and when I wasn’t gathering last weekend, I was organizing and letting go of a few items that I am going to consign at Sassy Girl. Consigning is mutually supportive. We both make out in the end. The shop owner gets some stylish well cared for but no longer worthy of sacred space in my closet goods and I get some cash to….maybe um buy new stylish things that are worthy of space in my closet? Or travel? Or try a new restaurant in town? Kimberly, the shop owner, is a hard working woman. I haven’t consigned with her before but I’ve shopped there and she has a keen sense of style and her prices are definitely fair.
So who are you going to support this weekend?
Or maybe you can tell me about what you do
and I can support you?
Sharing is caring! xxoo

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