Can’t LIVE Without….Make Up!

This week I can’t LIVE without  a few staples in my make up bag. It’s my short list of go to’s that highlight some of my favorite features, like my eyes and lips, wink win smooch smooch. Take a look and don’t be afraid to make a purchase and share what it’s in your make up bag that the thought of not having makes you boo hoo. 
Mary Kay Cream Blush 

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One of my close friends suckered me into a MaryKay beauty party. The MaryKay rep suckered me into the cream blush and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE it. It goes on so light and smooth and adds great color. Other than weekends, when I give my face a makeup break, I do not leave home without donning my MaryKay cream blush. 

Rimmel London Eye Shadow
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What makes this eyeshadow on I can’t live without? It’s long lasting. I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of reapplying my makeup and this eyeshadow doesn’t force me to make a regularly schedule trip to the ladies room to reapply. Not to mention the spectrum of colors they offer is expansive, anything for a deep dark sultry look to a light and flirty look to a this girl just wants to have fun look. 

MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara
1427 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Maybe it’s because most of my life I wore glasses, but I give my eyes a lot of attention. Between the eyeshadow and the mascara, particularly the MAC Haute ad Naughty, my eyes pop behind my frames. I was introduced to Haute and Naughty two years ago when a friend of mine had a MAC party at Nordstrom. I go  a complete makeover and my look was inspired by Rhianna. What I walked away with for sure after my make up was the Haute and Naughty. It offers two levels of sexy for the eye for the price of one. That means you can be twice as naughty and bye something else your heart desires 😉

Sephora Cute Pink Cream Lip Stain
1714 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
nicole richie pink lipstick
Photo courtesy of Michael Bruckner/Wireimage
The color pink has a special place in my heart, closet, shoe collection, and my lips. I’m not a fan of a red lip, but a flirty pretty pink one and I am a semi crazed fanatic. The perfect pink for your pout? Sephora’s Cute Pink Cream Lip Stain. It’s smooth, rich in color, and has a soft sensual sheen. Pucker up in this pretty pink. 

Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Peppermint Lip Balm
Photo courtesy of Corbis Images

Bath and Body Works’ C.O. Bigelow Lip Balms are delicious treats for your lips. They soothe, moisturize, last long, and adds shine with a little flavor. My personal favorite is peppermint but the line boast many many more. Plus, if you want to get fancy, you can pick a balm that has a little color to it. 

What’s in your make up bag that you can’t LIVE without? xxoo

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