The Weekend- Relax

It’s the weekend and here at the Simply LIVEd Life there’s a challenge- pick one verb to intentionally engage in during the weekend.  That’s right, pick one verb and do it. If you’re gonna be a LIVEr, you got to be a DOer.

My verb this weekend- Relax.


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First on the agenda for relaxing this weekend is a massage at AVA Wellness. I’ve been before and I am so glad to be going back. It’s been a long week for me, especially at the 9-5 gig where we are hosting orientation and welcoming new students to the University. I look forward to my rub down and at their new center city location on the Avenue of the Arts. Plus, the weather this weekend is s supposed to be some kind of wonderful. Sigh 🙂



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I used to do yoga pretty regularly and then I stopped. I honestly think it’s because I moved and I didn’t find a new studio that I enjoyed as much as my last one. Kinda makes me feel like a yoga snob. But while I haven’t found a new yoga place yet I did come across a pretty cool Yoga DVD and will be doing some sun salutations from the comfort of my home this weekend.

Sabbath Society

Photo courtesy of Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, 2005

Sabbath is another word for rest. And guess what? There’s a whole society dedicated to living a lifestyle that makes room for rest and relaxation. And guess what else? I’m a member and if you think it’s for you, you can check it out here, and you can join in if you want! Here’s the great thing about Sabbath Society, it’s a group of folk who are just trying to figure out how to regularly surrender, trusting that what needs to get done will get done in due time. It’s a group of people who believe God may have had a point when even He decided to take a break. The society is completely online and it’s really neat to check in and see just ho people are inviting rest in their lives. I look forward to connecting with members and talking about…rest!

Love In The Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera

Photo courtesy of the producers of the Film: Love In The Time of Cholera

My aunt  was all about this book the last time I went to visit her in San Francisco. While I was somewhere making plans to go hang out with friends in the city, catch up with fellow clinicians from the conference I was attending, or checkout a museum, she had her feet up and was reading Love In The Time of Cholera. So while I picked up the book from the university library a couple weeks ago and started the book, this weekend I plan to make time to read that book like it’s nobody’s business. I’d love to finish the book this weekend especially with another trip to San Francisco a few weeks away, I can’t wait o discuss the book with my aunt.

What will you do this weekend to relax? xxoo

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