Can’t LIVE Without…A Good Pair of Sunnies

I’m a little embarrassed to share this…but…the first summer I wore contacts…I bought seven pairs of sunglasses. I went overboard. All different colors, sizes, and shapes. I was just so excited to be able to wear them again. I hadn’t worn sunglasses since I was a kid and was rocking the hot pink star or heart shaped plastic sunglasses. I think, especially since summer is officially upon us (WOO HOO), that you just can’t LIVE without a nice pair (or several nice pairs) of sunnies.

Photo courtesy of Solange as reposted on

Funky Fresh

Alicia Sunnies by Tom Ford

Gotta have a pair of funky sunnies. Don’t be afraid to explore different shapes like our girl Solange modeling a pair of Prada sunnies or play with color like these shades from Tom Ford.

Photo courtesy of

Bigger and Better

Superfly at H&M
I have a few of the larger than my pretty face sunglasses including a paper similar to Kim K’s that I snagged at H&M. Some people say they are “bug eyes” but I think they can add just the right amount of BAM to even the simplest look . If you’re going to LIVE why not have a pair of larger than life (okay well your face) sunglasses?

 Photo courtesy of

Golden Girl

Metal Butterfly by Victoria Beckham
I don’t know about you but you can’t really go wrong rocking  metallic anything when it comes to accessories. Personally I’m a fan of gold and maybe it’s because it compliments my skin tone. If you’re going to get a new pair of shades this summer don’t shy away from the glow of metallic sunnies.
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Basic Black

Simplicity by Ralph Lauren
You didn’t think I’d recommend a list of sunglasses without recommending a pair of basic chic and sleek black sunnies right? These are a great pair of got to shades. Go to them for the errands or for the interview, the play date or the first date.
Photo courtesy of Daria at

Cat’s Meow

Leopard by Roberto Cavalli
What a way to catch some attention and stay cool! I heart leopard print. Now, I don’t go overboard, but I think it’s a nice twist on nude/earth tones. Plus I think even for the fairly reserved or modest LIVEr, a little leopard reminds people that there’s a little spice to all your sweetness 😉

Photo courtesy of
 What’s your stash of sunnies looking like this summer? xxoo

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