The Simply Celebrated Life

Photo Courtesy of  Luis Monteiro 

It was my last night in San Francisco this past March. My aunt reached  into her cabinet, grabbed two champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne she bought while I was out with friends. She poured us both a glass, and said “Cheers to a great trip.”
Great at that point felt like an understatement. My time had been nothing short of AMAZING. Between Sugar Café, Fly Bar, Sheba Piano Lounge, Hi Dive, and The Social Study, delicious homemade meals made by my aunt who I think was a chef in another life, more wine than I’ve had in the past six months, treasures found like a beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg skirt, pineapple coconut oolong tea and banana curry ice cream with a west coast cutie pie, a toast was SO in order.
We drank our champagne and talked about my trip and when I was going to move to the west coast. We talked about what recipes of hers I should try, what color clutch I should buy to match the DVF skirt, how the cutie pie and I left things, and then we toasted again. This time the toast was to me continuing to be just as excited about life as I was in that moment, to me not vacating the wonderful goodness I experienced during vacation.
Photo Courtesy of  by Ardfern

One of the many things I love about vacationing at my aunt’s in San Francisco is that she is a huge believer in celebrations. If there is something positive going on she believes it’s noteworthy. Sometimes it’s noteworthy via champagne, trying a new recipe, buying a new fragrance, leaving work early or going in late, treating a friend to lunch, or simply making time to drink a cup of tea and soak in the momentous occasion.
My aunt reminds me that life is full of reasons to praise, honor, and celebrate it. This week I want to share that reminder with you and encourage you to celebrate your life. Whether you’ve recently been promoted, sent your 222nd tweet, checked everything off your to do list, survived breast cancer, survived dinner at your parents, turned 27, paid off your last credit card, or woke up with your health and sanity, CELEBRATE!

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Buy Fresh Flowers
Put on your good under goods (you know, the lacy black ones that you “save” for special occasions)
Spring for a slice of cheesecake midafternoon
Buy the shoes
Drink the Champagne
Make the seafood scampi from scratch
Leave the office early
Go into the office late
Get the fried dish instead of the baked one
Paint your nails Jungle Red
Wear heels
Turn up the music
Flirt with the guy who caught your eye
Stay up late (even if you have work the next day)
Just celebrate your life.  You don’t have to wait for a graduation, wedding, birth of a child, anniversary, or birthday. Acknowledge the milestones, praise the progress, give glory for the good things that you’ve been blessed with.
How do you like to celebrate the successes and special moments of your life? 
Do Share! xxoo

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