The Weekend…..Celebrate

It’s the weekend and here at the Simply LIVEd Life there’s a challenge- pick one verb to intentionally engage in during the weekend. This week we’ve talked all about celebrating and places to shop to host celebrations. The US just celebrated the anniversary of its Independence and this weekend I’ve got more celebrating to do. Hopefully you’ll join me. I know some of you have something to lift a glass too and do a victory dance about. A long weekend, a beach ready body, a birthday, another year being breast cancer free? Well as I say every Friday if you’re gonna be a LIVEr, you got to be a doer.

My verb this weekend- Celebrate.

Mi Padre Returns from Kenya
Photo courtesy of
My Dad is returning this weekend from his first trip out of the country. He went on a missions trip to Kenya and has been there for the past two weeks. With his return me and my right hand women, aka my mom and sister thought we’d host a safari themed barbecue at my place.
My Brother

Photo courtesy of my cousin Safphyre Robert
But…my dad’s not the only person my family is celebrating this weekend. My brother ((yep, that’s me and him) starts a new job Monday and so he is getting in on the celebration too. I’m super proud of this gu.He earned  his Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees in four years. Cheers! 
The New Year

Photo courtesy of
So it’s not January 1st but for some of us, July 1st marks the beginning of what some companies call the fiscal year. As my fiscal year came to an end and the new one started this week it’s been absolutely wonderful to see how much my team accomplished. We did everything from host a lecture about the Psychology of Fashion to host  the university’s first benefit performance of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues. Not to mention we are already gearing up for what is bound to be a fantastic new year hosting a women’s symposium and a style lab that’s bringing in new partners like Britinny Stewart a fashion blogger at Fashion of Philly. .

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate this weekend. How about you? 
What are you going to celebrate? 

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