The Weekend- Get Festive

It’s the weekend and here at the Simply LIVEd Life there’s a challenge- pick one verb to intentionally engage in during the weekend. But this weekend it’s two words, but one concept. This weekend I’m going all French because it’s Bastille Day Sunday in my sweet little town right outside of Philadelphia this Saturday is Bastille Day. Our Main Street will be closed to traffic and will invite people to come out and celebrate with music, art, and all kinds of deliciousness all day long. Woo to the Hoo!  Well as I say every Friday if you’re gonna be a LIVEr, you got to be a doer.

My verb this weekend- Get Festive or Obtenir fête.
Bastille Day
I look forward to getting a chance to experience the ART of Independence.  There’s going to be art, music, dancing, theater, outdoor dining, late night shopping, and just all things fun. So looking forward to plein air painters, abstract artists, crafters, musicians, actors, entertainers, poets, and there will be dance lessons along the tracks so I can dance into the night! 
Photo courtesy of Celeste Hutchins
Vive la Liberté
Photo courtesy of Martla Deviantart
J’aime la liberté
Photo courtesy of
So what are you up to this weekend? xxoo

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