The Weekend- Prepare

About a month ago my all of my social media platforms read “3 cities, one week, in 30days”. I was counting down the time I had left before I’d be off to New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco . Well readers, that time has pretty much come. I leave for Manhattan this Thursday!

My weekend verb: Prepare

Thursday a coworker and I will be heading to New York Cityto present to student leaders and advisors from colleges and universities all over the US at the 8th annual Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities conference about innovative student programs with limited resources.
This weekend I’ve carved out time to fine tune our presentation, making sure the movie clip we want to use runs smoothly, editing our handouts, and reviewing talking points as to not be those presenters that read their PowerPoint presentations to their audiences.  I so do not like those presenters. I’ll make sure that we have back ups of our slides just in case we have technical difficulties. We can’t let a little lack of technology keep us from sharing what I think is some pretty innovative ideas for engaging and educating students.  

Photo courtesy of Vogue Magazine

Thursday to Sunday I’ll be in Manhattan at the conference and then I come home Sunday afternoon only to be up and at the Philadelphia International Airport by 4am to fly out to California! This weekend I’ll be packing two separate bags. An oversized oldie but good gold and black Victoria’s Secret tote for New York and then a permanently borrowed from my mom gold and black duffle for LA and San Francisco. While I am looking forward to warm weather in all locations, I’ll be taking the professionally chic wardrobe to the big apple and then the everything but work appropriate attire to the west coast, plus my faux leather bomber. San Francisco nights still get a little chilly even in August. 
Photo courtesy of Irving Penn for Vogue Magazine circa 1948
What are you preparing this weekend?
A new recipe?
Hosting a bridal or baby shower?
Any packing tips for me?
Let me know! xxoo

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