The Weekend- Enjoy

Happy Friday!!!! It’s the weekend and I’ve got one verb that I am going to LIVE for the next couple days. If you arte gonna be a LIVEr you gotta be a DOer!

En·joy V. To receive pleasure or satisfaction from
This weekend my verb is- Enjoy


New York City

I mean really. It’s New York. What is there not to enjoy? I’m a city girl and I just enjoy cities everywhere. Maybe it’s the people, the distinct culture of each city, the ability to easily meander from one neighborhood to the next, the languages, the fashion, the food, and I could keep going. I love cities and New York City is one of my top five favorites.  I will be in New York City staying at a sweet hotel smack in the middle of Times Square. I will definitely receive pleasure and satisfaction from this. 

Photo courtesy of Marriott Marquis New York City 


Cue  the music “Reunited and it  feels so good” by Peaches and Herb. I’m pretty sure once I catch up with a few former students of mine, one who’s graduated from Stanford University and headed to Harvard Law and the other who is half way through her time at Cornell University, that’s the song the heavens will play and in true Broadway musical form the three of us will begin a perfectly synced dance routine. OKay not really. But  I am so excited to catch up with my former students and have a good time. 

                                                                             Photo courtesy of Vogue Italia January 2013

Old Crush Catch Up

You may not know this but I crush all the time. And by all the time I mean ALL THE TIME. I thin I have about seven active crushes at themoment, four of which are celebrity crushes. And then there are the old crushes, one whom I will get to catch up with this weekend. 

Photo courtesy of Adiana M. Baraza
*Idris Elba is a very current celebrity crush

I should mention that work is what is bringing me to NYC. As I shared last week, my coworker and I will be presenting to student leaders and advisors from colleges and universities all over the US at the 8th annual Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities conference about innovative student programs with limited resources. I must say, sharing the work that I get to do, what’s been challenging, and what has worked well is something I enjoy very much. I am looking forward to co presenting this Saturday afternoon enjoying, and the entire conference as it is definitely a great opportunity to meet other people from other colleges and universities doing great work. What’s not to enjoy? 


What are you going to Enjoy this weekend?

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