The Simply Traveled Life

Photo courtesy of  Vogue Mexico November 2008

I was twenty years old when I took my first airplane ride and I’ve been flying ever since. It was spring break my senior year of undergrad and with the full time job search underway I knew that it would probably be a while before I could take an entire week to go anywhere and do anything. I’d be a real adult soon and real adults don’t have spring breaks I told myself. I called my aunt in San Francisco and asked to visit for a week. She was elated and said to bring a friend. I invited a friend of mine who was well versed in traveling and had flown dozens of times, including trips to Australia and Europe.  We caught an evening flight, arriving in San Francisco around 11pm PST and had the best spring break ever.

Ever since that trip I’ve made it a point to fly out to California at least once a year. Which was nice until I found myself needing to travel more. I think my jobs had something to do with  an increase in my travel appetite. Granted I was still working non profit, yet I was still able to travel a good bit, visiting places like Cleveland, that I can’t say I’d visit if my expense wasn’t on someone else’s tab, but also other places mainly along the Midatlantic and Midwest.

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My need to travel was undoubtedly getting worse. So I upped the travel anty to twice a year traveling somewhere via plane and then whenever I really just needed out of Philadelphia I took trips to DC and New York. Well this year, I upped it again. I’m such a travel dare devil. This year I have traveled to San Francisco not once, but twice and am headed back there at  the end of this week for pre birthday festivities. I vacationed with my mom in Cape May and we stayed a half a block from the beach.  I have also managed to get a trip to New York in and have a trip planned to DC in two weeks. Then there’s Los Angeles which is where this post is being sent from and San Diego this fall. Finally I will be rounding out my travels this year by going to New Orleans in November. Not to mention I already planned a late January trip to California and for spring break next year (I’m out of college but I work at one, so I take advantage of spring break) I will be taking a cruise to the Caribbean.

Talk about travel.

What is it about traveling that I  love so much so to make sure that during the course of 12 months I am on a plane somewhere averaging every two months? Well, in my opinion, a simply traveled life leads to a simply open well rounded accepting curious bold and creative life.

Photo courtesy of Vogue UK 2012

When I travel I learn and discover new things about people, places, and myself. Some of my best writing happens while I am traveling. Some of my best ideas for my professional and personal lives happen somewhere over the Rockies.  Some of the people that I enjoy the most I’ve met through traveling, at airports, museums, and galleries on shady looking streets. Traveling reminds me that the world does not revolve around me and I can’t afford to think and act as though it does. It raises my conscious to the human condition. It raises my consciousness to my condition.  Traveling actually makes me a better person. It has humbled me as I don’t always know where I am going and at times I need to seek help. It’s pushed me to speak up especially when navigating the night scene. It’s sharpened my wit and peaked my interest as I’ve engaged in all kinds of fascinating conversations.

I’m a realist enough to know that for some people traveling may not feel like an option. It may feel like a luxury that you can’t afford due to time, ability, or finances. I want to challenge you to rethink that. I want you to think that traveling may be a luxury you can afford. It will take some research and some planning, but I want you to rethink the way you think about buses, trains, and planes. Talk to your significant other, your sister, momma, or bff, about getting away.  Maybe it makes sense to do a road trip, maybe it makes sense to take the train. Sometimes the travel is just one state over and other times maybe it’s across an entire ocean. With so many travel sites it is easier than ever to plan a trip. And with enough advance notice I am sure you can find a sitter for the kids or pets. Take time to take the trip! Trust me, you haven’t LIVE-d until you’ve traveled!

Photo courtesy of Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

Where’s your favorite place to travel? What’s your dream travel destination?  What’s you’re favorite travel memory? Let me know in the comments below! xxoo

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