Can’t LIVE Without…Self Care

Taking time to tend to yourself, engaging in the things that bring you life, that help you LVE is an absolute must. In the counseling profession, we call it self care. This week I want to share with you some ways you can honor yourself and how doing so adds to your ability to live incredibly victoriously and emphatically. You simply Can’t LIVE without self care.
 Bubble Baths

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I am a huge fan of the bubble bath. I find that it really soothes me and I just love the privacy of the bathroom. Granted I live alone, but it wasn’t always this way, especially growing up. Growing up the bathroom was one of two place I knew I could be by myself. And, as an adult, I get to doll up my bath experience however I choose. Sometimes it’s lavender or coconut bubble bath. Sometime I add scented oils to add extra moisture for my skin, and then I fancy a soap that smells divine. I light candles, even if it’s still light out when I am bathing. I also play music. Usually it’s instrumental, usually jazz, but sometimes I change it up. Finally, I soak in the tub until my skin gets wrinkled.  You don’t have to, but for as relaxing as bubble baths are, I tend to think I’m not ready to get out until I start to look like a prune.
If you’re looking for great bubble bath treats be sure to check out Lush, Anthropology, Bath and Bodyworks (especially for scented candles) and Sephora.


Photo courtesy of Tia Mowry Yoga


I am not a Yoggi, I am just a firm believer that Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and invite peace and calm into your mind and body. Sometimes I take a class, but most times I pop in my yoga DVD and get to it. I have yet to regret  incorporating yoga, especially at home, as means of taking care of myself. If you’re looking for a Yoga DVD check Barnes and Noble, Target, or

Something Creative

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I don’t care what it is, but as long as I am doing something creative, I feel amazing. Sometimes I take to the kitchen and transform myself into an amazing chef serving up everything from honey curry chicken and  broccoli to chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes. Other times I take to my closet and am a stylist remixing outfits and I convince myself Rachel Zoe ain’t got nothing on me. Other times I’m pushing furniture around and opening and angling my space, creating my own wall art with canvases and paints I grabbed from the craft store, etc. Usually a part of taking care of myself means utilizing some type of creative outlet.

Photo courtesy of Allen King III

I’ll be sharing a little more in the coming weeks about the importance of LIVE-ing a connected life. A part of that importance is that we are relational beings. While I will be the first to acknowledge relationships can be a source of stress, I will also to say they, especially the healthy ones we have with ourselves, our faith, and others, can truly be a source of care.
When connecting with myself I all about coffee shops like Elixir. When I’m connecting with God, I to take a walk through my neighborhood. And when it’s with others, I like to do that over food often and that means catching up at my place or places like Jones, Iron Hill Brewery, Copa Cabana, R2L and Capogiro.

Visual and Experiential Learning

Photo Courtesy of Lens Crafters

If there is one thing I know about myself for certain it is that I absolutely love learning. I don’t plan to stop learning until I die. Because I enjoy learning and am a pretty visual and experiential person so I self care by going to museums. I take advantage of living a few hours from DC and go visit the Smithsonian museums regularly. I once went to DC via train in the middle of a snow storm. True story. When I travel to other cities, you better believe I find their museums and I visit. Being a Philly girl, not only do I live our Art museum, I thoroughly enjoy The Jewish History Museum that was built three years ago and I enjoy the scientific weirdness of the Mutter Museum.

Alrighty, so how do you take care of yourself? What’s your favorite way to take a break and tune in to you? xxoo


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