The Weekend- Visit

Cheers to the weekend! While I was on vacation for the better part of the week I am excited it’s the weekend. I’m still a little sluggish from the west coast, and the first day back at the office was met with sad news and project deadlines that were pushed up. I am definitely ready for the weekend and my verb this weekend-

vis·it- to go to see or spend time with a certain intent

Mi Madre, Hermanita, y mi Sobrino
I’ve been doing a lot of socializing for my birthday the past few weeks. Traveling to Los Angeles and San Francisco to be with family and enjoy the left coast life that I love was amazing!!! And then on my birthday this past Tuesday I had a breakfast party with my dad and youngest brother. The last family members that I’m looking forward to spreading to the love to are my mom, sister, and nephew who live in a sleepy little town north of the city. I am so looking forward to seeing them, especially one ridiculously adorable almost two years old nephew. 
My east coast nephew Jalen, Photo courtesy of Jalen’s Mama

My Favoritest Skincare Store- Lush

Photo courtesy of Anna of Anna Banana’s Blog

You’ve heard me sing Lush’s praises and this morning I finished two of my favorite products- Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask and Breath of Fresh Air Toner.  I’ll be taking my self to the Lush store in Rittenhouse to restock and keep my gorgeous glow. 

One Of My Favorite Indie Coffee Shops- Elixir

Photo courtesy Vogue Italy
I’ll be visiting Elixir this weekend with the intent of working on content for the blog and a few articles for other online periodicals I have the joy of contributing to. Elixir is just a lovely little coffee shop on a side alley in center city. I heart their soy chai teas, the decor which was designed by a friend of mine from undergrad, and that I am a rock star when it comes to knocking things off my to do list and making it a so done list. 

My Hairstylist

Photo courtesy of Steve Lawton/Getty Images and Beyonce via Instagram

She usually visits me, but I think visiting her this weekend will be just fine. And while I won’t be rocking Miley Cyrus’ or Beyonce’s new cut I will be getting a cut of my own. More like some layers put in and some nice chunky curls.

What’s your plan for this weekend? 
Any places or people you plan to visit?

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