The Simply No Shortcuts Life

scary-new-diet-pills.jpgPhoto courtesy of Lena Clara/Getty Images
“I just wish there was a pill you know,” he said.
I nodded.
“Just one pill I could take and all of this would go away, “ he continued.
“Mhmm,” I said.
“But I know there’s not. And that’s why I’m here. I want to work on this now, because this is my life and I don’t want to be like this all of my life and I don’t want it to get worse.”
I smiled.
The next morning as I peeked over my covers staring at my closet thinking about what to wear and how much time I had to lay there and figure it out before my alarm went off again this conversation between a client and I came to mind.  I found myself wishing for a pill. Not the exact same pill he wished for.
My pill would allow for me to have all the energy and know how to live the all in life asap. I’d be filled with energy to show tenderness to my apartment that recently is starting to show signs of neglect, in part due to my recent travels. I’d be filled with energy to get back to working out every day as opposed to every other day. I’d be filled with my creative writing mojo and craft a blog post that would get the attention of Oprah who would fund a blog turned book and an international tour. I’d be filled with immediate brilliance needed to knock a series of presentations and projects out of the park and off my to do list. My pill would help me not to work hard to pull out the positives, I’d see them clearly, no blurred vision, no mistaken identity or false hope. That’s what my pill would do.
But, like my friendly lanky client, I too knew there was no pill.
My alarm went off again and didn’t hit snooze. I turned on the lamp next to my bed and sat up. My eyes roamed to the windows that were quite stingy in letting in any sunlight, namely because there wasn’t much light to let in. I took a deep breath and then my jungle red painted toes touched my honey hardwood floors and my day had officially started.
I settled on jeans, a black and cream patterned blouse, poppy red cardigan, and black patent leather pointed flats. I grabbed my oversized poppy red bag and headed out the door, up the hill, and two blocks to the bus station where it wasn’t more than two minutes before I found myself internally belting out Lupe Fiasco’s Show Goes On from his Laser’s album.
I pulled out my ipod and took a listen and while it was no magic rejuvenating make things how I want  it pill, it was a well needed reminder that despite the setbacks, disappointments, or challenges, the show- my life, goes on. It has to.
Photo courtesy of Norman Jean Roy/Vogue
There are no shortcuts that lead to fulfilling lives. There are shortcuts that lead to eternal glass half full lives. Glass completely full lives require work, the very work that my client knew he had to put in. It required the work I knew I needed to put in.
It required me pulling out my planner that I’ve been neglecting and start putting in my appointments. It required looking at how I was starting to let the bad energy draining habit of over-committing creep back into my life. Eek! No wonder I wanted a quick fix. I’d been quickly saying yes to so many things and not saying yes to disciplined practices that I have found energizing and soul nourishing.  It required me putting in the effort that comes with structure because the reality is I need structure to work towards my goals, and I need it when my weeks at the office are rocket to the moon amazing and when they are so bad I just want to hide under my covers and provide treatment via the Pinterest humor page and encouraging emails. 
The simply no shortcuts life requires some discipline and that’s not the same as rigidity. A disciplined life is the life that knows work is required to yield desired results and is willing to do the work with excellence. It does the work with results in mind, whether it sees results instantly or after some period of what can feel like forever. Rigidity does the work for the sake of saying it did the work when and how it was to be done  and loses sight of results. Rigidity gets caught up in process, so caught up that it can be tempting to take a shortcut to simply end the process with lost sight of the end goal.
If there’s no pill for me or my client, that means there is no pill for you either. My client’s show goes on, my show goes on, your show goes on.  If you’re weary from your journey of LIVE-ing take some time to rest. A little rest never hurt anybody. Pull out your planner, phone, Google calendar, etc.  If you’re tempted to take a shortcut, rethink it, as the shortcut may cost you your results and more than anything, when the result is to LIVE, I’d hate for you to give that up.

Photo courtesy of FotoDecadent

What shortcut would you like to take?
How can The Simply LIVEd Life community help you stick it out?
Love to help so please share! xxoo

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