The Weekend- #Unplug

I make a habit of getting the San Francisco magazine every time I leave San Francisco. I feel like it’s a postcard to myself about how amazing that city is and why I keep coming back. This time was no different. Never mind the fact that I was tired, eyes ready to study my eyelids, and my flight was delayed, set to leave at 12:45 AM  PST. I made a bee line for the magazine as soon as entered the newsstand near my gate . However my bee line was  quickly interrupted by a magazine cover that said #UNPLUG. 

un·plug- To free from obstruction 

I picked up Fast Company’s Magazine and the San Francisco magazine. 

I headed over to my gate, gently settled into a less than comfortable black vinyl seat and began reading about how Baratunde Thurston, comedian, author of New York Times best seller How To Be Black, and a bunch of other great things that you can read about here, unplugged from the world for 25 days. Granted I’d say my 28 day social sabbatical in February has him beat by 3 days, but who’s counting?

In any event the article relayed how he came to the decision, the process of announcing his big unplug, him unplugging, and life post unplug.

Reading the article only confirmed what I already knew. My decision a few weeks back to schedule a weekend away, by myself, without all my electronics save my telephone for emergencies, and go off the social scene grid to pray, meditate, assess, and rest was a GREAT decision.

So I am headed to DC this weekend to unplug. Adios! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Fast Company Magazine 
When’s the last time you took time to unplug?

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