Can’t LIVE Without…Style Inspiration

I may not be going back to school, but I am just as excited for this time of year, remixing my wardrobe, and loving the commercials that are all about finding your style and going back to school in style. I love the style that comes with this time of year and it just puts me in a rather creative mood. Plus, as any remotely stylish chica knows, this time of year is when the Big Books come out. And by Big Books I mean, the 900 plus page September issues of Vogue. In Style, Elle, and Bazaar. It is the season of style and this week I want to share a few folk that I get my style inspiration from. I am convinced that you just Can’t LIVE without style Inspiration. 

Solange Knowles
She takes confidence, color, and cool, mixes it together and voila- looks amazing. She just has an effortless cool to her look that I love and she is not afraid to play with color.

Photo courtesy of Rufen Afanador

Rachel Roy
Writing that Rachel Roy knows how to do the right amount of classic with funky almost seems like that’s not possible. But I suppose if there were one woman who is good for mixing classic cuts with funky patterns and shades of color, it’s Rachel Roy and I just love it. Just look below, classic wrap, lots of color and pattern. POW! Plus, I have yet to buy an RR dress that I don’t love and that others don’t love on me.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Roy New York 

Sarah Jessica Parker
She’s my go to for when I want something fun, flirty, and feminine.

Photo Courtesy of Getty, Wire Images, and PopSugar

Kourtney Kardashian
She keeps it klassic, often wearing neutral colors but never looking drab, and she wears clothes that fit. I am a huge believer in the importance of fit when it comes to style, and that means knowing your body type and wearing clothes that work best (fit) for your body type. Kourtney Kardashian does this perfectly.

Photos courtesy of and via tumblr

Who’s your style inspiration? 
Who’s style is on your Can’t LIVE Without List? 

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