The Weekend…Dressing

It’s the unofficial end of summer…Labor Day Weekend. And in true ecstatic it’s a holiday weekend her in the US I am ready to start my dressing. Not the kind that is on your grandma’s dinner table. I’m talking about dressing as in dressing up. But not like ball gown dressing up. I’m talking I’ve been in my closet and there are far too many dresses that I haven’t worn in a while (or ever) and this weekend I’ll be attending a few restaurants and home grown home thrown gatherings and I will be breaking out the dresses.  So my verb this weekend is
                            dress·ing– the act of clothing oneself in a dress
Bold Color

Photo courtesy of
Pattern Play
Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Sweet N’ Shapely

Photo Courtesy of Charles Eshelman/Film Magic
Funky and Fun

Photo Courtesy of Mike Coppola for Getty Images

That’s how I’ll be dressing this labor day weekend. What about you?


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