The Weekend…Congregate

Guess what day it is?! Fridayyyyyyy!!!! Which means it’s the weekend. Again. Already. That also means I’ve got one verb for my weekend and that verb is congregate.  I would have used gather but I already used that verb a few weeks ago and I am trying as hard as I can to go as long as I can without repeating weekend verbs.

con·gre·gate- to bring together in a crowd, body, or mass; assemble; collect

Where and why will I congregate you ask? Well tonight I am headed to my favorite happy hour place in the city for a Happy Birthday Happy Hour with some of the amazing friends I can’t LIVE without. While my birthday was exactly one month ago, my August was a bit robust with travel and the start of the new semester. So I pushed the festivities back a month and well, we shall congregate at Alfa’s and then who knows from there. Wink. Wink.

Photo courtesy of Poise ad Vogue

Then, Saturday, my youngest brother and I will congregate in the city of brotherly love at Fuel for lunch and just enjoy the city. It’s another birthday treat. And at some point me and my laundry may congregate with the washer and dryer. Finally, if Friday and Saturday’s congregating doesn’t tire  me out…I will congregate with the very talented Serena Saunders of PassionArt Designs for brunch in Mt. Airy at Little Jimmie’s Bakery 
Cafe and Catering. 

Photo courtesy of Shanda Foisy 

Where and with whom will 
you congregate this weekend? 

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