Can’t LIVE Without…Inspiration

Maybe it’s because it’s Fashion Week this week in the US’ fashion mecca, New York City, and fashion always always ALWAYS gets my creative juices going, that I am thinking it’s a good time to talk about inspiration.  I think inspiration in addition to love, smiles, and sparkly things helps to make the world go round. Plainly stated- I can’t LIVE Without inspiration.

Victoria Beckham Spring 2014 Collection at NYC Fashion Week Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Pinterest- Pinterest is one of my go to’s for inspiration. Sometimes I’ve noticed I’ve been rocking the same look or color to the office and I want to change it up. I click the women’s fashion Pinterest page. Other times I just want some good words. bam. I click the Pinterest quotes pages. Yet and still other times I long to laugh and there I go, off to the humor page. Don’t even get me started on the DIY Pinterest page. Pinterest is inspiration for days!!!

Photo courtesy of me

Music- Most of the time it just inspires me to dance. Sometimes we’re talking sliding across the wooden floors of my place. Other times I may close my office door and have a private  dance party.  Mostly it just begs me to stop doing the normal sitting, walking, waiting thing. Not to mention when you’re dancing I think it reminds you that you’re alive and you were made for so much more than  warming seats, beds, pillows, and other things non music inspired dancing bodies do.

Photo courtesy of Gregg Delman

Anthropologie- When I need a moment and just want to dream I visit Anthropologie. It has everything from amazing dresses, shoes and accessories to housewares. It’s really the housewares that get me every time. Plus the Anthropolpogie in Rittenhouse is in a gorgeous old building with a stone wrap around staircase that carries you through four floors of beautiful goodies, exposed brick, a gorgeous old fire place, and beautiful old arched windows that look out toward Rittenhouse Square Park. Usually because Anthropologie is pretty expensive I leave there inspired to work hard and more so I can afford some of the things that won the whimsy of my heart during a particular visit.

Photo Courtesy of L.A. of

Cities- There is something about cities that bring me to life. It really doesn’t matter what city it is either as long as it’s a real city. No offense but places like Harrisburg and Chester are not, to me, real cities. Places like Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC on the other hand are. It’s probably the combination of the heterogeneous mixture of people, languages, dialect, food, fashion, architecture,  celebrations, and events that I just can’t get enough of. When I am in a bit of a creativity rut I check my bank account to see what city I can seek sanctuary for inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Idleformat of

Conversation- I can’t event tell you how many of these posts or even this blog was inspired in part by the myriad of conversations I’ve had or overheard. I am an amazing ear hustler. If ear hustling were an Olympic sport I’d take home the gold. I blame public transit for my amazing talent. In any event, conversations inspire me in a number of ways. Sometimes it inspires my writing, other times my dress, other times it inspires me to review my expectations, standards, worldviews, and heart. I would also say many of my conversations inspire me to serve and to challenge myself and others. Words have power and I appreciate the power they have to inspire.

Photo courtesy of Peter Lindbergh for Vogue

Where do you get your inspiration?
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