The Weekend..Dream

No, I’m not going to sleep all weekend, but I am going to dream. After a busy week at the office, a nice increase in clients since the summer, supporting staff and faculty at my university as it pertains to several student issues, having a few conversations that may or may not  have revealed I’m a hesitant hopeful (okay definitely did), I am going to indulge in some of the inspiration I shared Wednesday in my I can’t LIVE without post and dream.

dream- To have a deep aspiration; to conceive of; imagine.

Photo Courtesy of Irena

As the season prepares to change yet again and I want to spruce up my place I will head to Anthroplogie for inspiration and dream up what I want to do differently in my home this fall. 

Photo courtesy of Mary Jo Bowling 

As I host dinner for a friend and I this weekend, I will dream up some crazy delicious recipe to serve. 

Photo courtesy of Chung-Ah of

As I continue to strive to better budget my finances I will dream up some fall looks by viewing NYC Fashion Week Inspired Pinterest boards and then combing through my closet.

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Fisher for

I’m dreaming this weekend,
 so don’t wake me! 

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