Can’t LIVE Without… A Break

They say we are creatures of habit and while the only constant is change, we don’t care for change too much. We like routine, to know what’s coming. I won’t lie, routine is pretty nice. It’s nice for example to know every last day of the month I will get paid. I like  that routine. However, sometimes I think it’s no only great but absolutely necessary to break up the norm and do something different. This week here’s a few things I’ve been doing to break up my routine cause I Can’t LIVE Without A Break!!!

Tuesday Night Out

Photo courtesy of Chad Coleman

Usually I wait for the weekend to head into the city but the past few weeks I’ve been city living. Last week I attended a great networking event hosted by Workbridge called Tech in Motion. The night’s topic was Fashion and Technology. It was held in Fishtown at the Maas Building, a beautiful rustic exposed brick and garden spot just off of 5th street and Germantown Avenue. Lots of nerds and nerdettes.
Last night I went to Moore College of Art’s Fashion Show. The theme was Retulled as inspired by the Pennsylvania Ballet’s 50th Anniversary. There were 45 amazingly totally tulle designed garments that graced the runway. What was even more impressive than the garments was that the students had one month to design and create their items for last night’s show. Another Tuesday night I will go see the collection in the college’s museum.
Next Tuesday evening I won’t be city bound, I will be home bound as I will have spent Sunday and Monday evenings in University Park, PA.

Photo courtesy of me and my phone xxoo

Work Out Dance Out

Photo courtesy of Angela Simmons via

Usually my workout routine consists of the same walking/jogging path weather permitting or the same four machines in the gym weather not permitting. However, recently I decided to see what the wonderful world of Youtube had to offer as it pertains to work outs and I came across a series of dance workouts that I love. So I’ve been up around 6:15am the past few mornings engaging in Soca Latin dance workouts and Reggae dance workouts. Then I slip into my professional attire and head to the office.

Photo courtesy of Mikael Jansson

Covering It Up

Photo courtesy of

Granted it is getting chilly outside here in the Mid-tlantic region of the US so I guess it makes sense that I’ve been wearing pants a little more frequently.  Although, I am a true lover of skirts and dresses. I just love the femininity that they bring and the way they can accentuate ones shape like pants just can’t. However the right pants with the right shoe, and well I feel almost as feminine a I usually do when wearing a skirt or a fabulous frock.

Photo courtesy of  Qi Li for Vogue China

What you do when you 
Can’t LIVE Without a Break?  

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