Can’t LIVE Without…Fall Favorites

The nights are getting consistently cooler, I am pulling out the tights to go under the dresses and boots to go over the calves, my assortment of scarves are  parading my morning commute, and I am reaching more and more for a cup of warm chai as opposed to a glass of lemonade….it’s fall people. This week I am sharing a few of my fall favorites that I just can’t LIVE Without. 


Photo courtesy of H&M Fashion Week Paris 2013

Fall  means it’s time to break out the boots. They are perfect over jeans, and under skirts and dresses. I am in love with a gorgeous brown pair I snagged on sale at the Gap that are so comfy and have been compliment getters since the first time I wore them. I’ve also got about five other pairs (don’t judge) and they are a fall go to.

Chai Tea Latte

Photo courtesy of

Sometimes after a long day instead of going home I stop at the Coffee Beanery or Starbucks and get a cup of chai. I know you can, and I do, get chai all year long, but in the fall it just seems so much better, adding some warmth to cooler evenings. I do love pumpkin piced chai tea lattes and recently Starbucks added some chocolate to their chai. Yummmmm!!!!

Chunky Knit Sweaters

Photo courtesy of Wire Image for American Express

They’re cute, cozy, comfortable, colorful. Enough said.

Chunky Curls 

Maybe it’s a natural girl in a state where humidity loves to rear it’s ugly head kind of apreciation that I have for cool fall weather. I just love that I can wear my hair in nice big soft chunky curls, unlike the wet and wavy air dry look I rocked all summer


Photo courtesy of Randy Mayor and Cindy Barr

I did not always enjoy chili. In fact as a kid I did not like it. As an adult who loves to experiment in the kitchen, I swoon for chili, my own chili. This weekend I look forward to adding some of trader Joe’s Smoked Apple Chardonay Chicken Sausage to my otherwise usually meat, foul, and fish free chili.

The Fairs, Festivals, and Flea  Markets

Photo courtesy of Colin Young-Wolff for the Los Angeles Times

It’s only been a few weeks since fall officially began but can we talk about all of the fairs, festivals, and flea markets. My sweet little suburban town of Media enjoys hosting a good event. The next town over just hosted it’s county fair complete with cotton candy, funnel cake, and hay rides. The handmade neon colored poster boards practically adorn every other telephone tree with yard sale and flea market addresses. Fall is perfect for outdoor budget friendly fun that I can’t LIVE without.

What are some of your fall favorites? 

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