The Simply Resumed Life

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So readers this post is post one hundred and one. Woo to the hoo! And it comes after I thoroughly enjoyed a Sex and The City movie marathon. I don’t know if two movies counts a s a marathon, but I am calling it that. In fact, I’d say the marathon was actually much needed. I needed to watch the famed character Carrie Bradshaw continue her life after what I think has got to be pretty high on the list of heartbreak- Mr. Big calling off the wedding via not going into the ceremony. Like he was parked in front  of the library where the ceremony was to be held, watched Carrie and her three best friends go in, and told his driver to leave, he wasn’t getting married. However, that didn’t break Carrie. Hurt her, yes. She was crushed, appropriately depressed, and you get to see this in the movie. However you also get to see her bounce back, redecorate her apartment she had to buy back causes he sold it when she was getting married, hire a personal assistant, keep writing for Vogue magazine and work on a new book, go to fashion week with her girls, and well I will stop the list here. What’s important is that you get the gist- heartbreak, disappointment, depression and all, Carrie did not hit the pause or stop button, she hit play and let her life continue.

Photo Courtesy of GOFF for DailymailUK

I don’t know about you, but there are times in life when things get really hard, super hard, stupid ridiculous I just want to press STOP hard. Sometimes it’s because the reality of the current situation stinks. You lost your job, your new boss is not at all what you anticipated or needed, you received the foreclosure notice in the mail, your child was diagnosed with an illness you have no idea how to support them in, you got passed over for the promotion, you found out your significant other is someone else’s significant other too, etc. Sometimes it’s because you’ve been working on something for what seems like forever and despite the progress you thought you made, you realize you still got a lot of work to do and pressing STOP would be so much easier. You thought you forgave your father but his recent resurfacing in your life stirs up a good deal of anger, you aren’t quite ready to date after the divorce that happened 8 years ago, you still don’t like your body or going out to socialize after the weight loss because the pain of being bullied as a child still lingers.

Photo courtesy of Sex and The City Movie  production team

But you can’t press STOP.  Okay well technically you can choose to stop, but this week I want to encourage you to resume. I want to encourage you to have your own Carrie Comeback. I did. The project I mentioned in last week’s post, I have resumed further fine tuning and I even shared some of the unfinished but further fine tuned details with someone.  After months of feeling stuck in what felt like an inability to engage in innovative, meaningful, creative, and challenging work and definitely feeling like I was heading down the path toward depression and self sabotage I needed to make a Carrie Comeback. I needed to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and resume the life that would be innovative, meaningful, creative and challenging. As I watched my movie marathon I was jotting down more ideas about the project, more that I added to the  “unfinished but fine tuning” list. The more I watched and wrote, the more hopeful I felt and the pressure my finger was applying to the STOP button was lessening.

Photo courtesy of Sex and The City Movie  production team

It’s Monday, and I want too suggest tat you decide today, that come what may this week yo will resist pushing STOP. If you need to press pause, go ahead, but make sure you press play. Make sure you decide you are going to resume this week even if something big aka your own version of “Mr. Big” comes to steal your joy. Call the girls, get away, bring in extra help, add a little color to your outfits, office, or home, have your own movie marathon starring women who make comebacks, but keep going. KEEP GOING!

Photo courtesy of Sex and The City  2 Movie  production team


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