Can’t LIVE Without…Winspiration

Welcome to Wednesday! This week’s Can’t LIVE Without falls in line with a lot of the girl/women power posts, statuses, and tweets I’ve been sending out and sharing this month. This week I am talking about how I just Can’t LIVE without- Winspiration. I know, I know. What is Winspiration? It’s women who inspire me.

Photo courtesy of Mario Testino for Vogue February 2011

Carol and Rachel
Carol aka my mom is one who has always instilled in me to be my best, to learn, do, and go as far as I can for me. She has never told me to be successful to spite men which I have seen a fair share of women communicate to their daughters. She’s always made it about me using and living the life God has purposed for me. I think it’s important to know that you have a right to be great simply because you were born to be and not to prove anything to men or anyone else for that matter. 
Rachel is my younger sister. She inspires to keep going and to keep trying. She reminds that not only is she watching  me she’s supporting me…even if it is with ridiculously hilarious slightly embarrassing stories that cause tears of laughter instead of tears of defeat. 

my mother, Carol and I (left),my sister, Rachel and  (right) circa summer 2012

My Aunt Joyce is a ridiculously amazing woman and what I love about her is her generous spirit and her welcoming spirit. She inspires me to give because giving is not about material goods or money, but giving a listening ear, encouraging word, an extended hand to hold can change lives in ways we can’t even fathom. She’s also so very okay with being human. I think she really gets the concept of grace, receiving it and of course…giving it.

So the lovely lady to the far right in the burgundy that’s my Aunt Joyce. Love her!!! 

I tried to pick just one woman that I know who is an entrepreneur that inspires me but I can’t. There are so many. For starters there is Latiaynna Tabb of Tabb Management here in Philadelphia. I can’t even capture all that she does, whether it’s organizing prom drives or back to school drives, managing musicians, deejays, and comedians, finishing up grad school, or organizing free summer concerts in LOVE Park, she does so much and she does it all in stride. Then there is my Aunt Gwen who is a San Francisco Bay Area business consultant through her company The Wright Consultants. Not only is she smart and savvy with clients who adore her, she still has time to mentor other budding entrepreneurs. Or there is Serena Saunders of PassionArt Designs. Serena is a fashion designer, painter, activist, and the list goes on. She has a shop in the Germantown section of Philadelphia and an art show coming up this weekend. If you are in the Philadelphia area you should stop by- 6629 Chew Avenue. There are so many women who are business owners and I just find their stories, all unique, but united by the fact they all dared to believe in the gifts and talents they have been given and they offer them to the world on their own terms. A to the MAZING. 

Photo courtesy of Serena Saunders of PassionArt Designs LLC

I don’t know if it’s her style, her deep comfort with who she is, her tell it like it is but not in a defensive manner demeanor, or what. I think it’s all the above. Mostly because these elements contribute to her overall commitment to accepting that she is enough. It’s important in life to have women who can LIVE out being enough and not always trying to be the next or recapture what was, but  just LIVe-ing in the present as they are and loving just that. 

Photo Courtesy of CFB

Okay, it’s sharing time!
What women inspire you and why?

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