The Weekend…Recuperate

It has been an amazing week. I spent the week in San Diego at the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors annual conference and it was not only what I needed but much more than I could have asked for. From timely engaging sessions, meaningful vulnerability inviting discussions, meeting with my mentor, it was splendid. Not to mention the late afternoons and evenings were spent with my traveling buddies exploring downtown San Diego, going to the San Diego zoo, and having dinner with family that live in LA. But I’m back now and over 200 emails awaited my return, I am spending today in the city at the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference and catching up over cocktails with a fried afterwards. But after that…I am ready to recuperate. Like….phone off for the weekend (well most of it), only going out of my apartment for food (the fridge is a bit bare,I should grocery shop) and maybe church (Jesus will meet me at my personal church called Bedside Baptist).

re·cu·per·ate- To restore to health or strength

I am planning to pick up a bottle of bubbly and a box of green tea with jasmine.

Photo courtesy of Zarb Champagne Company

Taking a bubble bath.

Photo courtesy of Stacey for

Writing, whether journaling or brainstorming about the project I mentioned a few post ago proves re-energizing.

Photo courtesy of Steven Meisel

Watch a movie. I’m not sure if that means watching a movie I have and adore, Netflixing an oldie but goodie film,  or going to catch a lighthearted indie flick. 

Photo courtesy of

Resting. Not necessarily sleeping, but definitely resting.

Photo courtesy of
How do you recuperate?

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