Can’t LIVE Without …Good Words

I spent an amazing week in San Diego with some gifted clinicians. Then I came back and last Friday had the joy of attending the Pennsylvania’s Conference for Women where speakers included Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Judge Glenda Hatchett, Tory Johnson, Sally Krawcheck, and  host of other talented, powerful, comedic, courageous women. I took copious notes and this week I want to share some of those notes, those good words, with you to ponder and be both challenged and encouraged by.

Photo courtesy by Mark Testino for Vogue 
“Embrace patience and celebrate victories.”- Tory Johnson
“There’s no such thing as failure. You’re just warming up for success.”- Judge Glenda Hatchett 

Photo courtesy of Richard Nahem of 

“If you are at your job that won’t value you by giving you what you deserve in a title change and or salary increase, plan to leave. The longer you stay the more behind you get. Take your talent elsewhere.”- Robin Bond 

Photo courtesy of Asif Hassan

“Women’s rights are human rights. Human rights are women’s rights.”- Hillary Clinton

 “Trying is not a strategy.”- Tory Johnson  

Photo courtesy of  Peter Hapak

“Failure and success are myths. It’s about doing the work you are passionate about doing.”-Laura Munson
“There is plenty of room in the world for mediocre men, there is NO room in the world for mediocre women.”- Madeleine Albright
Leave your good words! xxoo

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