Can’t LIVE Without…Laughter

Photo courtesy of Haper’s Bazzar

I may love laughing so much because there was a time in my life where it hurt to laugh. It hurt to smile. It just hurt. Then….I watched Shrek, the first one, which I still think is the best one, every single day for a week, followed by going to counseling or the first time ever. The combination of the two, and then ongoing counseling is what got me back to a place where it didn’t hurt to laugh r smile, where it didn’t hurt. And I’d say that pretty much since then I try to laugh, like double over, straight from the gut, even snort, laugh every single day. Laughter is amazing and healthy and well I just can’t LIVE without it. So this week I’m sharing some of the things that make me laugh and hopefully will make you laugh too!

New Girl
It’s in it’s third season. You can watch seasons one and two on Netflix and I promise you will laugh, laugh, cry, inhale deeply and air talk trying to communicate to others how funny this is, double over, and laugh.

Photo courtesy of

Laffy Taffy Candy
I try not to eat a lot of candy, honestly I do. However if I am gonna indulge my sweet tooth I am going to do it with a little chuckle for my tummy. The jokes on the wrappers of these candies are so ridiculously corny. What is an Owl’s favorite school subject? Ready? Owlgebra!!!! Two jokes per candy 🙂

Pinterest Humor Page
I highly recommend visiting the Pinterest Humor Page. Even if you feel like Pinterest is digital hoarding, hoard some humor.

Confession- I like commercials a lot  more than I like a lot of TV programs. And let’s face it, I watch the entire Super Bowl for all the commercials, I pat attention to the end, well because that’s what counts and those are the guys who get the shiny trophy and the ring. These are some of my favorite commercials.

I am pretty sure that at my current job a requirement for being hired was a sense of humor. We are just a really funny silly but professional bunch of good people.

Just a few of my team members prepping for an event on campus
So what keeps your life light with laughter?

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