The Simply Empowered Life

Last week I shared about The Simply Shifted Life. I shared some wise words from Tory Johnson who wrote ab a shift in her life in her book “The Shift”. I also shared why I think shifting is important in creating a simply LIVEd life. I ended the post by encouraging you to consider what needs shifting in your life and to please, seriously, let me know if I can be of assistance. Well, this week I want to empower you as you shift.

Photo courtesy of Louish Pixel

When I started considering what needed to shift in my life I considered what I wanted to be different. However, this time around I stopped just wanting different. Instead I started thinking about creating different. I thought about what I could do to actually bring forth the change that I was seeking.

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to hear Laura Munson, author of This is Not The Story You Think IT Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness, speak a few weeks ago. One of the tings she shared that I have been practicing is the importance of creating versus wanting. Wanting is a great place to start, but creating is where the momentum picks up so that you can finish. Creating, as Munson so keenly shared, comes from a place of empowerment. Acknowledging there are plenty of things and times where one doesn’t have control, creating allows you to feel that you have some influence over some of the happenings in your life. Wanting is other power centered and creating is you power centered. Wanting largely and often depends on someone or something else, creating largely and often depends on you.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Brazil

I think entrepreneurs are great examples of this. If you read the stories of entrepreneurs they not only wanted different they set out to create different. My aunt who has small consulting business wanted to consult others in small businesses different from the way shews doing it at the bank for which she worked. She took her knowledge, skills, and network, and started The Wright Consultants. Munson candidly shared that she stopped wanting a book that publishers would want to publish. She sat down and  created the book that publishers did publish and landed her on the New York Times Best Sellers List.
During the past few weeks of shifting I’ve been creating. It’s been everything from wanting an amazing seafood dish to creating several including penne pasta with crab, spinach, tomatoes, and fresh garlic in a butter sauce. It’s been wanting to save more and creating a way to save more by thoughtfully looking at my social calendar and engaging in the things that would allow me to save more. It’s been me wanting to re engage in Sabbath practices, but actually creating room for Sabbath aka rest and communion.

Photo courtesy of Vogue China, May 2010

It’s also been mewanting a career that is women centered and looking at how to create that opportunity. Which is why I am super excited about teaming up with one of my former The Vagina  Monologues castmates to do some volunteer event planning for women centered work and even applying for a grant to do so women centered work in Philadelphia.

The simply LIVEd life is a created life and it is created by you. You have the power to create a life that is different from the one you are currently experiencing if you choose to do so. And well you have heard me say it before, I think one of the greatest powers we have as human beings is the power to choose the kind of LIVEs we want and then choosing to create those LIVEs.

Photo courtesy of Single Korea Magazine, January 2011

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