Can’t LIVE Without Creating Change

So I was thinking  if I was going to empower you to create the life you want  then it may be a good idea to share some of the things you can’t LIVE without if you are going to in fact create the life you desire. So, here’s my list this week of some of the actions you can’t LIVE without if you are going to create change and LIVE the simply empowered life. 

Read Up– Do your research on what you are setting out to change. When I realized I had gained a solid 12 pounds I was honest about losing them. I read up on a variety of things that impact weight gain, like..stress. As well as ways that I could reduce stress in ways that also helped me lose weight. Some of that included being honest about my proclivity to eat under stress or to relieve stress. Some of that included changing up my work out routine so I’d be more motivated to work out.

Photo courtesy of Paolo Roversi

Enlist Someone-When I am seriously trying to change I snitch on myself. With my counselor it’s about my shift in career paths. With one of my  girlfriends it’s about my financial goals and spending habits. With another it was about the weight gain. And their encouragement in my ability to make the changes I sought, tremendous helpful.

Photo courtesy of Josh Olins for Vogue Paris

Get Out– Exposing yourself to what you hope to create is so important. Whether its through the creation of a vision board, reading up on people who embody various aspects of yourself that you hope to create, engaging in social events and activities with people who are similar to or have achieved the shift in your life you are creating. I’m a sucker for since I can find events in my area tailored to the lifestyle I am creating for myself.

Photo courtesy of Norman Jean Roy for Vogue

Start Small– This probably isn’t anything new, but when you are creating change in your life you have to be realistic and start small. Change does not happen instantaneously. It’s gradual. However, just because it is gradual does not mean you shouldn’t start at all. Break out the calendar and look at one thing you can do a week to create what it is you want to create. Then look at the weekly goal and break it down to daily tasks. When it come to daily tasks make sure you don’t have too many daily tasks. That uh, defeats the purpose.
Te best example tat I know of about folk who really get what it means to start small, those who are a part of different Anonymous groups. Whether it is Alcoholics, Narcotics, or Over-eaters Anonymous, at the core of the philosophy is that change happens one day at a time!

Photo courtesy of Patrick Demarchelier

Keep Track and Celebrate-As you are making those baby steps celebrate them. Lost two pounds, celebrate, but not with a cupcake. Started couponing and saved am extra $30.00, celebrate, but may not with dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Finally ran a full mile, celebrate but it’s okay if you don’t get up and try to run two miles the next day. You catch my drift. Progress and celebrate the process toward your creation success.

Photo courtesy of Aydin Ajormond 

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