The Simply Grateful Life

I will readily admit that I have slow moments. There are just times when it takes a little longer for things to connect. For example, I shared Friday I was in New Orleans speaking at the National Center for Student Leadership Conference. Well it took a couple hours post presentation and someone else’s congratulating me on speaking at a national conference for me to realize…I spoke at a national conference! Then there was me walking through the airport in Houston to my gate when I began to beam because this flight was my last flight of 2013. Never mind that I knew this fact months ago, last night as I lay in the ER because I had an allergic reaction to who knows what and just wanted to get out and enjoy the French Quarter once more,  or that I knew this when I climbed into the airport shuttle to the airport in New Orleans at 4:30am to connect to my flight in Houston. My skyline adventures would not commence once more until the end of January 2014. I was grounded for the next seven weeks and for that I as incredibly grateful.
Photo courtesy of Vogue September 2012
I sat in my vinyl blue anything but comfortable yet totally functional chair in the airport and thought about how many times I’d sat in airports this past year alone and how many times I’d gotten home safely. I was grateful. I thought about how some flights were to visit family, friends, and crushes or for work where several trips were a combination of my receiving information as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to present information. I was grateful.  I thought about how this year was a year where I was definitely LIVER-ing. If you would have told me last year I would have done all that I have done this year, starting this blog, producing my campus’ first benefit performance of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, organizing a Women’s symposium for my university, deciding to pursue a grant for a summer camp for girls who are survivors of sexual abuse and assault (I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes), strengthening my boundaries and ending a few unhealthy relationships, and… buying a home, I probably would have laughed in your face. In fact I would have probably fell right on the floor and laughed until I  a)cried, b)my stomach hurt, c)wet myself, or d) options a and b (option c is an option but kind nasty). Instead as I sat there I was incredibly incredibly INCREDIBLY grateful.
Photo courtesy of Italian Vanity Fair September 2010
Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in the United States. While I know that we don’t need an official holiday to bask in gratefulness, I am pretty thankful for Thanksgiving. Maybe what I am most thankful about is that it seems folk feel a little more free to share what they are thankful for and a spirit of thankfulness goes a long way.  People seem more willing to share how hard life has been but yet how they are still LIVE-ing.  In fact, if you let them share long enough they share and then they cry, smile, laugh, inhale deeply and just rest in thanksgiving. 

This week don’t want you to just think about what you are grateful for I want you to share what you are thankful for. I want you to spur on the spirit of gratefulness in your life and in the live around you. If there is someone in your life that you are grateful for tell them. Don’t think it, don’t tell someone else how grateful you are for your mom, sister, grandfather, boss, former coworker take the time and tell them. In fact, I’ll start. Reader, I am thankful for you for reading my blog. Whether you read it daily, when you are able, or you’re a first time visitor, I appreciate you visiting, I am grateful for you!
Photo courtesy of Vogue Magazine 

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