Can’t LIVE Without Gathering for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my family will be gathering at my place for some good eats and Thanksgiving treats. While whose home we gathered at for Thanksgiving each year has changed, making time to gather has not. I’ve spent the past few nights running errands in preparation of hosting this year’s gathering at my place, making stops at a few of my favorite stores like Trader Joe’s, Target, Anthropologie, and Paper Source. I’m looking forward to the festiveness because I just can’t LIVE without Gathering for Thanksgiving.

Skillet Apple Stuffing 
A new dish to the menu this year!

Photo courtesy of Real Simple magazine 

Thanksgiving Decor
Breaking out the colors of autumn in various shapes and textures to bring the season indoors.

Photo courtesy of

Place Settings

Everyone has a place at the table!
Photo courtesy of Ann Ueno and Paper

Dress Up
Well you already know..any reason to wear a dress and well…I will wear a dress. 
Thanksgiving dinner is a reason to dress up!

 Photo courtesy of

How are you gathering this Thanksgiving?

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