The Simply Tangled Life

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Some Sunday afternoons are spent in the city, or at a museum, in the movie theater, visiting friends or family, or like this past Sunday afternoon, curled up on the couch movie watching. One such movie was Tangled. It’s Disney’s renamed remix on the fairy tale Rapunzel, the princess kidnapped by a witch and placed in a tower with ridiculously long hair that was to never be cut for it’s magical powers, and  like all princess movies later rescued by her prince turned charming (he was a thief but he did rescue her and did marry her and became a prince). Disney does a great job and even as an almost thirty year old with two nephews a host of little cousins, but no children of my own, I thoroughly enjoy the film. Never mind how many times I have seen the film, while watching it this Sunday afternoon I noticed something for the first time. Something super relevant to my own life and maybe just maybe you’ll fin it relevant to your own. 
In the Disney version Rapunzel finally leaves the tower she has been ignorantly held captive in by the witch whom she calls and believes to be her mother. Before she lets down her own hair to use as a rope to lower herself to the ground she talks herself into taking that step and lowering herself to the ground. She finally starts the process of lowering herself down and is at most a foot above the gorgeous green lush grass she starts to reconsider her decision. She swings on her hair slightly above the ground reassessing her decision. She finally touches down and feeling grass for the first time, smiles and burst into cartwheels and song. However her cartwheels were interrupted by moments of dramatic crumbling to the ground, bemoaninig her choice, and the pending disappointment and anger she’d face from her witch mother found she left the tower. She finishes the song and she decides to continue with the decision see made. As the movie continues you watch Rapunzel do it afraid. You watch her go after that which she seeks afraid, confused, uncertain, but constantly moving forward. 
Photo courtesy of Disney
Here’s what I’m thinking. The whole ridiculously long hair with no split ends (I’m just saying), being kidnapped and locked in a tower, a handsome someone rescuing us, and finding out you own a kingdom  would NEVER happen to any of us. However, pushing past the lies we have been told, having a goal, and deciding whether we go at it afraid or not DEFINITELY does happen to me and I am wiling to bet happens to you too. 
Like our dear Disney princess there are times in our lives where we find ourselves held captive in towers of lies we’ve been told and accepted as truths. These lies may range from  being told you aren’t smart enough for college, you’re not pretty enough to marry so just find a good career and work, abusing, manipulating, and controlling you is synonymous with love, you didn’t say no so you wanted to be assaulted, you didn’t want to have sex as much as your partner so their cheating was your fault, if you just lose 10 more pounds then you’ll be pretty enough, and the list goes on. We have to decide if we are ever going to free ourselves from those lies. We have to decide if the things we hope for– the peace, healthy sense of self, new job, college degree, starting your own business, quitting your current job, relocating, dating, etc. is worth risking the discovery of truth, of intentionally engaging in life and all that it throws at us (the thief/prince was thrown from his horse and launched into the tower). Rapunzel sure enough thought that her goal was worth her great escape.  
Photo courtesy of  “Telephone” Video featuring Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce, as created by Q. Tarantino
What about your goal? Is yours worth a great escape? Is your goal worth you focusing on the pros of the decisions and processes to achieve it? Is it worth leaving the tower and going at it afraid?
I think it is. In the past few months I’ve been leaping from all kinds of towers in my own life and going at it afraid, uncertain, angry, alone, tired, and it’s been worth it. It has totally been worth it. Asserting myself and people  not liking it has been worth it. Buying a house and all that comes with that (high five to all my homeowners reading this) has been worth it. Going through the process of arguing deserving a decent pay raise and job title change has been worth it. Late nights after early mornings researching and learning about grants for a special project that’s close to my heart has been worth it.  And I say that as I am still in process of achieving various goals. Some people still don’t like my boundaries, the house still isn’t technically mine, no word on the job front until at least the end of January 2014, still researching let alone grant writing, and I have not exactly had a handsome thief  turned good guy chucked through my window who I could marry and well I guess with my last name being King he could become royalty, to rescue me. So if I can do it and I’m not a Disney princess, you can do it. Plus, like I have said before, you know if you just send me an email, I’m happy to do it afraid with you. 
Happy Monday!

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