The Weekend…Purge

I’m not talking about the unhealthy purging that can come after binge eating. I’m also not talking about that scary movie that was released early this  year where people got a free pass one night of the year to commit heinous crimes including murder in order to “purge” the population.  I’m talking about the necessary kind that comes with moving in six weeks. The kind of purge that makes sense so that you’re not dragging useless stuff from one place to another. Between the down time of the weekend minus a holiday party at Aoki Boutique Friday night at and brunch Sunday, and the weather people’s call for more snow here in the Philadelphia area, I think it is the perfect weekend to purge!

purge  to rid, clear, or free

Photo courtesy of Sex and the City film


Photo courtesy of Miles Aldrige for Vogue Italia

Photo courtesy of Vogue


  1. kar karibbean · December 13, 2013

    When I purge, I wear red heels like that! 😉

    Here is to a productive weekend for you, Yaya!


  2. Ahyana · December 13, 2013

    Lol, My heels are black, but the lipstick is red. Thanks Karrie!


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