The Simply Reset Life

Photo courtesy of Steven Klein for Vogue Italia

You’re probably thinking this post was a mispublish. That I am about two weeks too early to start talking about any type of reset, start anew, renewed resolve, begin again anything. All of that talk is the hallmark of the New Year right? Well, I’m not early. In fact I am going to say that I am probably right on time. As cheesy as it sounds, I say that because there is no time like the present, like right now, to reset your life, whether in entirety or various facts of your life.

The past few weeks I’ve happily participated in a weekly intention call organized by the one and only Ms. Rosetta Thurman of  Happy Black Woman (No you don’t have to be Black or a Woman to benefit from what she offers on her site, blog, as an entrepreneur, or the weekly call.) In fact I only started to participate in the call because a friend of mine, Omoloa Adele-Oso  aka Lola, of sent me a text a few Monday nights ago asking me if I was on the Happy Black Woman weekly intention call. Of course I wasn’t and then I signed up to get the information for the following week’s call.

Photo courtesy of Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia

The following week came and at 8:59pm EST I dialed the conference call number and was ready. Now I don’t know exactly what I was ready for. I just trusted Lola’s recommendation, enjoyed what I read on the Happy Black Woman site, and I am pro intention. The call was a culmination of honesty about life challenges no matter how successful you are or are trying to be, some tough love about having some grit to reach your goals, writing and then verbalizing one goal, one intent, one thing during the next 7 days all of us on the call were going to commit to do. I wrote my goal, shared it  with all of the callers, and then by Thursday the universe was so anti my goal I gave up. I started out being intentional about showing up and being present in every aspect of my life and ended the week ready to run for the hills and hide.

Between the texts and calls about stuff for the new house, client’s sharing some pretty traumatic stuff (more than I anticipated- sometimes when it rains it pours), having some type of commitment post work every day which meant much of the week was me up at 5:30am and in bed around 10:30 or 11pm (I know some of you sleep less than that, but that life is not for me), I was not showing up. I was tired, getting by, and longing to show up for happy hour with the girls that Friday and sleeping in on Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Vogue 

Monday came again (it has a habit of doing that) and I dialed in for the weekly intentional call, and wrote a new intention with new resolve. It was a new week, it was an opportunity for me to reset and fulfill my commitment for the week. My intention “Speak Life”. I had even more commitments this week than the previous yet I was simply determined to speak life to all that needed to get done and all of the difficult people I knew I would have to encounter. I was determined come what may (and can I just say some serious stuff came my way last week, Lord have mercy) that I was going to think and speak positively. I was cutting back a bit on the whiney negative friend interactions, and I was not entertaining my own temptation to complain keeping it under the guise of “keeping it real.”

Well last week I did way better speaking life and it felt amazing. Here’s the thing, around Wednesday I realized I didn’t really need the weekly intention call to choose to reset the way I was going to respond to my week. Don’t get me wrong, I like the call because for me it allows me to be surrounded by other women in process of LIVE-ing and right now geographically I’m not surrounded by that many women like that as I’d like. The call totally has a purpose in my life. However, the purpose is not to be the determining factor or launch pad for me to regroup and get back on track.

Photo Courtesy of Elle 

I, you, we, can reset whenever we choose to. We don’t need a new year, season, month, week, or day. We don’t need  a new  job, significant other, children, a pair of shoes, or skinny jeans. We need right now to reset.
And by right now, I mean as you keep reading these words, you can choose before you close the tab or window you can reset how you will go about the rest of your day, respond to your children, partner, supervisor, subordinates, roommates, epic and consistently late bus driver (maybe that’s just me and my SEPTA struggle), the bitter Betty always commenting on how your blog could be better, mother, father, etc.
Resetting is just starting fresh. It’s letting go of what the previous setting was, digging yourself out of default, cutting off cruise control and staring over with a clean slate, fresh vision, fresh mission, and fresh commitment to LIVE. Reset as often as necessary!

Photo courtesy of Steven Klein for Vogue Italia

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