Can’t LIVE Without…Gold

One of my favorite colors during the holiday season, other than the holiday red I posted about two Wednesday’s ago, is Gold. My tree is decked out in gold.  All of the décor and tableware for Christmas brunch is gold. My outfit for Christmas Brunch, black ivory, and…Gold! All of the things I have been drawn to in the store as gifts,  whether for me or others…Gold. If you thought I couldn’t LIVE without Holiday Red this season, I really Can’t LIVE Without Gold!!!!

The Perfect Gold Party Dress
Photo courtesy of

The Perfect Party Heel
Jessica Simpson or BCBG

Photo courtesy of

Great Modern Home Décor 
Photo courtesy of William Dohman of OhDier Living

Photo courtesy of

 Photo courtesy of

Take Perfect Golden Notes

Photo courtesy of

Dine at The Perfect Golden Table

 Photo courtesy of

The Perfect After Dinner Card Game 

Photo courtesy of

Wear The Perfect Piece of
Vivienne Kelley Arm Candy

Photo courtesy of The Fashion Yard at
Have The Perfect Golden Glow
with Two Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer

Photo courtesy of Kelly Keeton and

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