The Weekend…Road Tripping

Well if you haven’t guessed it between this blog, my Twitter or Facebook, I love love LOVE to travel. And to prove it, this year alone  have been on a plane seven times, in addition to more local trips to Cape May, Manhattan, and DC. So it makes sense that the weekend before Christmas I am taking another trip, right?  Well it is certainly not a trip like any of the others. In fact I’m not even going out of the state. However, my sister and I are going to go a little over two hours to pick up our mom and bring her home for the holidays.
She lives near the mountains so I will be bundling up although it is supposed to be unseasonably warm this weekend in Philadelphia (um Sunday is projected to reach near 70 degrees), packing a few snacks, including my new gluten free flax seed granola made by Fiona’s Natural Food and carried by Taste Guru, and road tripping northwest of the state this weekend. Until Monday! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Vogue
Photo courtesy of H&M Winter 2011

Photo courtesy of Taste

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