The Simply Slowed Down Life

In my mind today is the 20th and not the 23rd. Don’t ask me why, but five days until Christmas seems better than two. Or maybe I was waiting for the 20th because it was the last day of the semester and I was looking forward to two weeks for my life to slow down. I think it’s the latter.

Earlier this year I joined The Sabbath Society. It’s a group of us brought together by Shelly Miller of Redemption’s Beauty, who are committed to taking Sabbath seriously, letting our lives slow down to a halt, and resting. Not semi resting and then filling parts of our days with errands. Not just doing less work than we would normally do. Not engaging in activities that don’t feel like activities because we “enjoy them.” Nope , resting.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

I’ve been pretty good at the Sabbath taking. But I could stand to do better and that became very apparent during the past few weeks. The days seemed to be swirling into each other, I couldn’t remember if it was Monday or Wednesday, I was constantly checking my planner to try to work a day ahead, yet I was coming home so tired, was a little on the grumpy side, breaking out into hives, and was falling way behind on my workout routine.

As the 20th loomed near I started making plans for things that would slow the pace off my life. I requested books from the library so I could read more during the next few weeks. I selected recipes for the cook book my sister gifted me for my birthday this year so I could bake. I started back up at the gym instead of home workout routines and reintroduced yoga to my work out rotation. I found a green tea that I love and have been drinking a cup in the morning and the evening. I booked a massage. I was committed to not using the two weeks of vacation  to stuff my days with things to do, unless those things were going to take my life from 300mph to a nice 30mph.

Photo courtesy of Vogue India march 2012

As I have been intentional about slowing down my life I have found myself more energized, present, and engaged. I have found myself  “needing” to check schedules, calendars, and to do lists less in order to feel  productive. I have been increasingly okay with completing a few larger tasks, keeping my phone on silent, and checking emails less. I have found myself laughing more at the television programs I was too tired too watch much of the season (love New Girl ad am so enjoying The Mindy Project). I have finally gotten to read issues of Vogue, Wired, Fast Company, and Elle that I’ve had but let pile up. My regular blog reading and commenting and reposting/sharing has resumed. I have had time to pin on Pinterest!!!!!

This time of year often begs us to speed life up. It begs us to get more, do more, be more. However, with only a few days left in the year I am going to encourage you to do less and slow down. Use the vacation time you and I both know you have plenty of. Make your own shrimp Alfredo instead of going to Maggiano’s. Take out books from the library and read before bed. Make a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa instead of chugging down the OJ. Take lunch! Even if you brown bag it, don’t eat it while responding to emails and running more reports. Step away from your desk. Cheers to defying the pull to get, do, and be more. Cheers to being a rebel with a cause- the cause being enjoying the simplicity of life that can only bee seen and enjoyed when you slow down.

Photo courtesy of Vogue China April 2009

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