The Weekend…Stay

I know I know. It’s the first weekend of the new year and instead of writing about doing something new and different and catapulting into a new year resolution I thoughtfully  considered and planned step be step planned to meet, I’m writing about how I will stay in this weekend. Baby it’s cold outside, yup high for today in my corner of the world is 18 degrees. There is also a 7 inch blanket of snow covering my grassy little knoll outside. It’s the perfect weekend for me to stay and…

Get creative in the kitchen

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Pack up the place…I’m moving back to the city January 25th

Photo courtesy SAC Production

Fine tune those new year’s resolutions….Goals are great, but it’s important to make sure they are
Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound

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Write LOVE letters…I love sending just because cards aka “love letters” to friends and family. It’s more fun to receive those than bills and junk mail

Photo courtesy of me

Flat Iron My Hair….It’s a process yall. And since I’m still rocking some glitter from the New Year festivities, it’s a perfect weekend to deep condition, wash, blow dry, and straighten my hair myself.

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Rest. I joined the Sabbath Society in may of last year and it’s been such a great online community. I’m back at it again this year and I am committed to setting aside time for Sabbath aka rest weekly. Besides if God did it and He does wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than I will ever do, I sure enough can do it. 

Photo courtesy of Vogue

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