Can’t LIVE Without Refining

Since I’ve been refining some things in my life I’ve come across a few things I really can’t LIVE without. This week I’m sharing some of the small things I’ve been doing to create small changes in my life that are having a big impact xxoo
The Calendar
Photo courtesy of Lucky Magazine
I have several of them. I know I know. That sounds daunting and a lot, but part of it is because I prefer to keep some things separate. So there is my work calendar that is NOT synced to my phone on anything else that is not work related. 
Then there is my planner. It’s big enough for me to write in legibly. It’s where I keep most if not all of my personal things, work out time, hair appointments, getting together with friends and family, lady part doctor appointments, etc. and where I insert my 3×5 card to do list. 
Then there is my google calendar. This is where I plan out my posts for the blog as well as my meas for the week. 
Finally- there’s my phone. It’s 2014 and yes I do keep appointments in my phone. However these are the appointments that I am prone to forget, like the twice a year dental cleanings, so they go in my phone because like many of you, I’m hardly ever, like borderline never without it. 
The Index Card
Photo courtesy of Ahyana


One card, with lines, one task per line, one card per day. It’s amazing how my to do list quickly becomes my to done list. 
The Conversations
Photo courtesy of Glamour Magazine
I didn’t want my friends to think that I was turning down more invites to go out and do things because I didn’t like them anymore. That wasn’t it. The reality was my goals have shifted and my goals are dictating the best way I invest my time and money, so I told my friends. They know my goals, and they get that means I have to scale back and be more creative and selective with what friendship time looks like together. 
The Time
Photo courtesy of Sonya Zayaad
I have started giving myself time limits to complete task. I started with the whole day, but before I knew it it would be 3:37pm and I’d still have things to get done. when I started dedicating time to certain things as opposed to a deadline I found myself staying focused and actually getting things done. The same phone whose calendar I use for those appointments I’m prone to forget is the same phone I use to set alarms so I stayed focused and get tasks completed one task at a time and in a timely manner.  
The Night Before
Photo courtesy of SAC Production
I select and iron what I intend to wear the night before. This habit was started as a child and instilled by my father. He was the king of “What if you wake up late in the morning? What if you wake up and the electricity has gone out?”. It’s a habit I have yet to break and have found to refine my morning routine. 
The Mirror
Photo Courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr
I’ve noticed that when one of my favorite aunts is serious about creating change in her life she posts reminders and affirmations on the mirrors in her home. It makes sense. As she is looking at the reflection of herself she is looking at the change she desires to make within and for herself. Well, I adopted the mirror method. My mirror has reminders of my goals and affirmations abut my ability to meet those goals. I look at my reflection and I look at what I want to and am capable of changing so I can eventually reflect the person I desire to be. 

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