Can’t LIVE Without Overriding The Winter Blues

I’m betting I am not alone when I say that the winter months are really hard for me to get through. After Christmas I am ready to fast forward to March, and then bide my time until May, embracing warmer weather, more sunlight, and the return of bear legs peeking from under skirts and dresses.  I thrive on sunshine. Even in the winter, if it’s at least sunny out, I’m a happy girl. But… most winter days are grey, cold, damp, and seem to move slowly and stubbornly. So, as I have gotten older, I’ve gotten wiser. I’ve tucked away a few tricks to help me override the winter blues that I can’t LIVE without and today I am sharing them with you. xxoo

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Go Bright or Go Home
I don’t subscribe to saving apple green, bubble gum pink, and lemon yellow colors for the spring and summer seasons. Wearing bright colors all year long, especially in the winter, helps to life my mood. So yes, I will throw on navy pin striped pants with a bubble gum pink button up, a sleek silk black turtleneck with an apple green pencil skirt and leopard print heels. Just because the weather is drab doesn’t mean I have to be.  

Photo courtesy of Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris

Workout smarter by working out even though it feels harder
While living in the burbs the past year and a half I have become one of “those” people. By “those people” I mean to suggest, those people you see walking, jogging, and running outdoors. Those people whom you’re never sure where they started or where they will end, they’re just going.  Yeah that was me, especially during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Winter, um yeah no. So, instead of staying indoors and packing on the winter weight, I have been making myself workout at the fitness center where I work. I come in earlier and leave a little later so I can get some exercise in. Exercise releases endorphins which naturally help the body feel well. Think of it as the body’s natural morphine minus the proclivity to become addicted. Oh, and…I already found a place for zumba that’s close to my new space in the city.

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Get out
Although it’s cold, I still push myself to get out. Granted I will usually go out on weekends late morning or early afternoon when it’s a little warmer and sunnier. I find that not staying cooped up inside despite the cold helps me to be a happy camper. Plus a good amount of my going out is me going to coffee shops or brunch, so eating and drinking things that warm up my body after I’ve hacked it out in the cold. Oh, and yes, I do still go out at night, I just don’t like it as much in the winter. Baby it’s cold outside 😉

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Get Away
Hence the trip to San Francisco this weekend. The fog may roll in, but then it rolls out. No wishing for 30 degrees when you’ve had days of it barely creeping past 10 degrees. You can wear a jacket as opposed to three layers of clothes plus tights.  Next month I will be in Los Angeles for a few days, for both work and play. More warmth and more sunshine. If you can, get away in the winter. Try someplace sunnier and warmer, but if circumstances don’t allow, just try getting away period.

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