Can’t LIVE Without…Memories of San Francisco

The past few days I was in sweet sweet San Francisco and below are a few pics from my time there! xxoo

A little reading for the flight

So there was a snow storm back east  and my flight was cancelled, so I spent an extra night at this place, tripple six post aka my Auntie’s

But before the delayed flight, I was sittin’ pretty in this boutique hotel in Union Square

And of course it was the Chinese New Year and the stores, like Saks incorporated the new year into their displays

People stand in line foreverrrrrrrrrr to catch this trolley at Powell and Market Streets

Maiden lane, a sweet little alley filled with all kinds of shops and french inspired eateries 

The last slice of an amazing zucchini gluten free pizza courtesy of Mariposa. Yum!!!! #foodie

Down by the Embarcadero 

My company by the water, although I can’t say I was sure he wanted me there. I think he kept saying “Mine. Mine. Mine mine.”

Just one gorgeous view

A few of us in the mission where we gathered to watch the superbowl. Go 49ers xxoo

I love love love valentines day. Never mind I can’t tell you the last time I had a valentine. But I grabbed this book for my east coast nephew at the SFMOMA store. It’s super cute xxoo oh, and I may have grabbed myself a copy too!

What wasn’t to adore. The price? The pattern? The fact it will go wonderfully with my nude Jessica Simpson pumps? The darling cut out design in the back?  I snagged this at a cute boutique in the Haight. Haight on me xxoo

One comment

  1. Atutu · February 20, 2014

    All i want is that delicious looking baby slice of pizza….mwaaah .


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