The Weekend…What I LOVE

I suppose every weekend one should be doing something they love at some point, but there’s no weekend like Valentine’s day weekend to do lots of the things you love!!! So this weekend I will be doing things like

As a devout foodie, I will be having dinner with one of my closest friends Steph at one of our favorite restaurants in Philly- Jones. I am so not a fan of American food but Jones is an exception. Yum!

Steph and I at my birthday shindig last year.

Having lunch with a group of really wonderful ladies. We all met a couple years ago and while we don’t  get to gather frequently, we definitely have carved out some time to gather and show some love this weekend ❤

Photo courtesy of

RomCom movie watching and going 
I can’t think of a better weekend than to watch all of the super corny but oh so funny romantic comedies that I adore. Starting with…The Holiday. And then…there are a few lovey dovey movies out in theaters this weekend, like Kevin Hart’s About Last Night xxoo

Photo courtesy of

This may be me cheating a little. I don’t really love packing (or unpacking for that matter), however packing means I am going somewhere and I love getting my travel on. Leaving for LA next week. With the beginning of my work week full of busy and long days, this weekend is a optimal time to pack for the west coast.

Photo courtesy of Teresa @ Money Can Buy

I’v never not loved writing, even in college when it was for papers that determined whether or not I moved one step closer toward my degree. In fact most weekends I spend time writing, whether for the blog, Bauce magazine, or for my own creative purposes, I write. This weekend I’l set aside a little more tie to write, especially with the travel plans for next week and the following week.

Photo courtesy of SATCPT

Until Monday…Do what you love! xxoo

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