Can’t LIVE Without…Memories from of the City of Angels

Yesterday I flew back from the city of Angels where I’d been since last Thursday. I attended The Justice Conference hosted about a beautiful 11 story vintage hotel, the Millennium Biltmore and the Orpheum theater. Post conference I spent time with family and friends in Orange County, more specifically San Clemente. Here are a few of the pictures from my most recent westward adventure. xxoo

Every Monday afternoon should be spent on the beach

Kari and I have known each other since my days in undergrad, longer than she’s known her husband or had her super cute kids

Me and Kari ad Rodney’s super cute kids, Raime and Roahn

There is a story behind this picture, but know it was taken from a gorgeous house in orange County, while I sat on the home’s highest deck, one of three decks on the property 

Monday I was a chaperon with Kari for Raime’s class trip to Lobo Lodge to learn about Native Americans. Such a rich experience. This is a map of the 450 Federally recognized Native American tribes in the US

There’s my tribe, the Nanticoke

My silly west coast nephew Mile and I at Dave and Buster’s before the games began. 

One of my favorite paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles. Artwork by Jasper Johns.

When I’m away I am all about sending post cards xxoo

A SUPER highlight of my trip was hearing Dr. Bernice A. King (yes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter) speak. And then I ran into in the elevator at the hotel and got to speak  with her. #womanpower

Saturday morning brunch….super delish veggie frittata. yum! #foodie

There were so many options to choose from at Terroni’s for Saturday brunch. 

Artwork by Scott Erikson 

oh look, it’s the artist, Scott Erikson #meetmeatthecornerofloveandart

Didn’t know he was the led singer of the band when I ran into him and chatted him up earlier Saturday morning wearing my Nikes, yoga pants, and unrefined wavy/curly hair #DominincBali

Blessed is the chef who made these stupid delicious chipotle fries at Pete’s Grill and Cafe 

oh, so yeah on my first night in LA at Pete’s, outside eating and loving the weather, a man dropped on the sidewalk, hit his head (I heard it) and the ambulance showed after maybe 20 minutes #noemergenciesinLAallowed

Of course I went shopping. nothing major. And of course I came across this serious ring of bling at a sweet vintage boutique in the fashion district. 

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