Can’t LIVE Without…Memories from Florida

And so this past Friday I boarded a plane with my friend Vanyah and we headed to Florida to enjoy great weather, food, music, vintage shops, open markets, the beach, and of course a Phillies Spring training game. It was pure bliss. There was nonstop laughter and non stop gratefulness for the opportunity to steal away to some place different, sunny, and wayyyyyyyyyyy warmer than Philadelphia, even if it was just for a weekend. I‘ll be remembering this trip for a long time!
Nothing like a morning stroll on the white sands of Clearwater Beach
I’d Trade in that traditional hot dog at a baseball game for Rita’s water- ice any day

Bases are loaded

People are heart holding for the national anthem and I am picture taking

According to Jay-Z “Life is but a beach chair.”

Just some more gorgeousness
Vanyah and I on the beach. Vanyah won the sweepstakes that got us swept away to Florida!
And so there was a Mardi Gras Celebration
As someone ll about the xxoo, I had to snag these rings at the inde outdoor market in downtown St. Petersburg

Just a breathtaking view of the first floor of  the mecca of vintage furniture in downtown St. Petersburg

Everyone did their thing for the Mardi Gras parade

Loved the music in Florida, in the parade and the restaurants

Fell in love with this chair. Vanyah almost had to peel me off of it.

Great collection of letters to make words, that make sentences, that make…stories. I heart a good story xxoo

You can call me any time you want! wink. wink. 

MisRed vintage and consignment shop. Love this as an accessory storage idea

Creative cross stitch work at the indie open market

These soaps made you just want to take a shower right there. 
At La Vietnamese Fusion restaurant in downtown St. Petersburg waiting for our table. 
So much delicious fresh food! #foodie

All about the double dark fudge #fudgie
With a name like King, it make sense to be at the best beach 😉

Met all kinds of characters in Florida, from flirtatious married Phillies players to this character

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