The Weekend…Taking it Easy

My sister asked me the pother night what my plans were for the weekend and I emphatically responded “Nothing.”  Don’t get me wrong, the past two weekends in LA, San Clemente, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg have been WONDREFUL!!!!  However, a weekend that doesn’t include suitcase packing, travel size everything carrying, security line standing, putting on your best smile to get from your window seat to the bathrooming, time zone changing, is so welcomed. Granted,  I won’t literally be doing nothing this weekend. I am looking forward to hosting a few friends Friday night at my new place. And then a very specially two year old will be spending the night and hanging out with me Saturday morning. The rest of Saturday has been reserved for blog writing and movie watching, and Sunday will be sweet sweet Sunday complete with church and perhaps tea from one of my favorite coffee shops and simply taking it easy. Until Monday! xxoo

A nice tapas style gathering, with crab dip, edamame, humus, and the list goes on…..

Photo courtesy of Aslina Kaposta


The very special 2 year old aka east coast nephew who’s  staying the night

East coast nephew Jalen holding the Valentine’s day gift I bought him this year

Hopefully snagging a window seat Sunday at one of my favorite coffee shops. I’m torn between Elixir and The Green Line
Photo courtesy of

And otherwise, just putting my feet up and taking it easy

Photo courtesy of K.T. Brown


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