The Simply Following Through Life

A few weeks ago I shared I would be taking a bit of a break, particularly after the death of two absolutely amazingly influential women in my life died within weeks of each other. This week starts the beginning of that break.

Photo courtesy of D.S.G

This week starts the beginning of several days away from the office, the laptop, the tablet, the social media sites, the  socializing, and continued intentional times of quiet, vulnerability, reflection, rekindled hope, laughter, rest, and all things soul nourishing and life giving. It starts the beginning of some time away from home to further contemplate some career decisions that I have been contemplating. It includes some time at art galleries and parks, places where I see and hear God much more than I ever have in my almost 30 years of church attendance. Lately I have found art, especially photography and nature, a much better form of expression for me than words. It includes more times of rest, abandoned alarm settings on my phone, and evenings that slowly saunter into night as opposed to being shoved into her and avoiding dawn.  It includes more times to confront honesty- how I honestly see myself, of how I honestly allow myself to be seen, and how I honestly see others. It includes time to heal. Even writing those four words from a still healing heart brings tears to my eyes. But it’s true. I need and this time will include time to heal, to sit with the broken pieces, the uncomfortable feelings, the face behind the admirable mask.

Photo courtesy of Sami Yingst

Finally, this time includes time to dream. I will dream up everything from my 30th birthday celebration this summer, to what my pancake bar would look like (yup, I really do want to open a pancake bar, serving p nothing by pancakes), to what I want this blog to look like (yup, after 200 post and almost a year of sharing I still have dreams for The Simply LIVEd Life). Taking time to dream is important. I think it’s what gives us the tenacity to LIVE, especially during challenging times.

Photo courtesy of Glitter ad

So, yes, you may continue checking the blog Monday through Friday, but if the posts are a little shorter, my hope is they are still just as sweet. And if they seem a little lighter, my hope is they are still heavy enough to evoke some type of change that helps you LIVE. If there is something you set out to do this week or maybe you had hoped to do it the week before, it’s not to late to follow through! Have an absolutely nothing short of fantastic week! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Barefeet Photography 

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