The Weekend…Woman-ing

 It’s women’s history month and this weekend I’ve made some time to do some women centered things and things that just add to why I loveeeeeeeeee being a woman. That’s everything from

Attending the annual Women of  Influence Conference 

It’s an amazing FREE conference sponsored by Women’s way and hosted at Moore College of Art for Women. I went last year when we talked politics. This year we’re talking media and this year there is a host of amazing students I work with at my university who will also be in attendance. #womanpower

Photo courtesy Vogue Australia

Seeing my lady parts doctor for my annual exam
You can’t just pretty up your outsides. Or as I once read, “if the plumbing is foul, the whole structure is bad.” Ladies, if you are able (I am aware insurance can be an issue), make your appointments and tell the other women in your life to do likewise. Furthermore, whether you are having sex or not it’s important to learn about your body and what is “normal” and what isn’t. #yourhealthmatters

Photo courtesy of

Acting up on stage
This year I cheated on The Vagina Monologues and instead am performing two monologues in a different Eve Ensler piece, A Monologue, Memory, rant, and a Prayer. The performance benefits Women In Transition, an organization in Philadelphia all about helping women in domestic violence situations. Tickets are $10.00 and available at the door. Show times are 3pm and 7pm  this Sunday March 16th at The Rotunda in West Philadelphia (40th and walnut Streets).  Bring your boo and your bestie!

Photo courtesy of Beyonce (well, her tumblr)

Heading to the salon
While I am fully capable and often completely fine with doing my own hair, sometimes it’s just nice to let someone else take care of my tresses. Not to mention there’s nothing like waling out of Aveda with fresh  soft perfectly curled bouncy hair to make me feel a little more feminine.

Photo courtesy of Mike Copolla for Getty Images

Until Monday! xxoo

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