Can’t LIVE Without Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is women’s history month and women and girls have a special place in my life. Which is kind of funny, because when I was younger I so did not love being a girl. I was not feeling everything from having to wear skirts ad dresses while my brother wore pants and it was freezing cold, to not being able to play certain sports like my brother did because I was a girl, to being offered dancing lessons instead of boxing lessons because I was a girl and shouldn’t want anyone hitting and bruising my face, to the whole period and child labor thing. Yeah no, not feeling the girl/woman thing. But things changed. Life has a habit of doing that and with it I have not only fallen in love with all of the beauty and mystery that comes with being a woman, but the importance of educating, supporting, advocating for, recognizing, crying with, standing with, and celebrating women. So this month a few ways I’ve done that and will continue to do that includes

Performing in  Eve Ensler’s A Memory, A  Monologue, A Rant, and a Prayer in Philadelphia to raise money for Women In Transition

Attending the 11th Annual Women and Influence Conference hosted by Women’s Way

Art work by Maori Holmes

Assisting in the coordination of Penn State University Brandywine’s Annual Woman of The Year Luncheon
Our speaker this year is the super amazing Akirah Robinson who is so committed to helping women reach their potential.

Photo courtesy of Akirah

Hosting a girls night in with some fabulous ladies

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Supporting Women Owned Businesses like 
Aoki in Rittenhouse Square

Photo courtesy of
Traveling to New York City and seeing art exhibits by women like Carrie Mae Weems
Photo courtesy of Carrie Mae Weems
Sending happy mail to some of the amazing women in my life
Photo courtesy of  Hero Design Studio

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