The Weekend…Catching Up

Welcome to Friday good people! It is the weekend and while it’s been a pretty great week with hearty laughter filled potluck lunch gatherings at the office,  talking with the editor of Shared Justice about writing for them, being honest with a friend and being okay with their disappointment instead of feeling awful, oh and some sweet spring weather here in Philadelphia, I am still oh so happy for the weekend. My weekend is full of catching up with friends and family members and a lot of this catching up is happening over food.  Until Monday! xxoo

Aksum- Headed to Aksum tonight to catch up with a great friend over mediterranean food. There isn’t much not to love about this place. The food is so good, the staff really sweet, I can walk to it from my new home n the city, and I am going with a friend whom I just may have to name my first child after.

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LaSalle- Not that this is where I want my next degree from, but my youngest brother Matthew is strongly considering LaSalle. I will be catching up with this busy kid and hanging out with him at LaSalle’s open house for accepted students. Although I may ditch him to peek into their art musuem. Afterwards we are headed back to my place for pizza and wings with my sister, dad, and east coast nephew.

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Sunday Brunch- While we haven’t picked a place yet, as I reconsider entrepreneurship I am so looking forward to brunching with a friend of mine who has been there done that, did that, is doing it, and hopes to do more of it.

Photo courtesy of Kristal Knot

So Crêpe- This is less of a catch up and more of a meet up, but it’s a highlight of my weekend nonetheless. I am looking forward to meeting with a young woman who is all in for entrepreneurship her in Philadelphia. We are meeting up at So Crêpe on South street Sunday afternoon and I am so looking forward to hearing more about her journey and of course the foodie in me is so excited about crêpes.

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